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Dual Israeli and US Citizen, Case 276 Js 773/18 Berlin Moabit – Eliyahu Ben Haim – passed away in Scotland

By Ulf on Juni 28, 2019
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On 3.1.1996 I set the first time foot onto the Land of Israel to participate in the Prayer Conference of the Intercessors of Israel, organized amongst other by Eliyahu Ben Haim, husband of Hannah, father of Seth, Elisha and Rachel.

These first two weeks in the Land of Israel changed my life and transformed it into what I am today and I am at the deepest level of my heart in pain for my beloved friend, neighbour for 6 years, godfather of my daughter Yael Eden and good old Grumpy who’s last question caused him to cut every tie and utterly rejected me as a brother:  „Are you still Ephraim?“ – „Are you still a Jew?“ was my answer then and now.

Little brother Elisha – now trained Golani 99 killer and Chef, happily married and himself a Dad. On the first Jeep Tour in the Negev – dressed in the Coat of Josef – the firstborn from the dead, spying out the land.


Eliyahu passed away on 23.6. when Parasha Behaalotecha from Numbers 8.1 – 12.16 was read. Aaron is commanded to raise the light of the Menorah, the Feast of Second Passah is instituted and Moses who had an Ethiopian wife had trouble with Miriam and Aaron, who didn’t accept Moses authority as the only ONE who speaks in the authority of God – „And HaShem heard everything“.

Our Homegrown, still at the Ben Haim residence, Senait with Daniel, , friends from Germany, Inge Buhs, Hanna and Eliyahu Ben Haim, Derek Prince and me with Naomi. Early 2000

1997 the first Hebrew English Bible, containing the Tenach and the New Testament was published in Jerusalem, during my studies in Jerusalem – on 25.5.97 I turned 30. Since then I use the same bible and can read the same words. But only after the 25.5.2007 I can say Acts 1 has been fulfilled and only after the end of 7 years I was able to say Daniel 4 has been fulfilled.

Every attempt I made over the last four years, beginning with a phone Call from Jürgen Bühler on 1.1.2015 to explain what has happened to me failed, after Jürgen explained me, why he and all the super duper Yeshua Worshippers, Messianic Jews and hard working prayer warriors hated me and literally sold me out and committed genocide.

My last visit to the Ben Haims residence was short before Passah 2013, when Obama visited the new US Embassy and Jürgen Bühler left me out on the street as he heard „that I have to be treated like an unbeliever“, for „not honoring Jesus as God“ and not „accepting the leadership“ and Eliyahu didn’t even want to give me a place to put my bag down.

Since 21.12.2016 it is 100% certain, that Dr. Jürgen Bühler in cooperation with the church in Jerusalem, including the knowledge of all the Messianic leadership, made a covenant of death, to never bring „Ephraim“ up, the only named Son of Zion next to Judah.

On my 47. birthday you welcomed the Pope in Jerusalem and did not see the abomination of desolation, which completely blinded the eyes of every Christian Jew or Gentile alike. After the end of the abomination, I sent a full disclosure to the US Administration, the World Jewish Congress and published it on YouTube.

The biggest revelation ever didn’t get through to my beloved Eliyahu, since you all decided it would be better form me to die.

On 23.4.2019 Senait got a court order and a divorce. Like many of you – she loves „Jesus“ with all her heart, but curses and hates me with a passion.

Since Seth and many others including me, uses or used Calev Myers, who took care of my residence papers before I left, I ask you to connect and make peace with me – I am the last missing living stone in Zion to bring back the Kingdom to Israel. is my personal social site, for you to connect with me.

Perhaps you take look at the guy you have pierced. (no not Calev)