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The Passah Lamb and the Scape Goat

By Ulf on April 26, 2019
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One of the great achievements of Bill Clinton as president of the United States was the oversight of the Peace Deal on the White House lawn, between Israel and the PLO.

The 25th anniversary of that historic Deal made on September 13th, 1993, was overshadowed by the current quarrels in the US Administration TRUMP vs. OBAMA/CLINTON and the Deep State, including the total corrupt and perverted left Hollywood film and New York media industry, with #MeToo and #Pizzagate scandal, child trafficking sexual abuse, abuse of power, government position and all the stuff you just see in the movies and nowadays on every Channel from the right and conservative side.

The incredible difficulty in the relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is neither the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanjahu, nor self-declared President of non-existent Palestine Machmoud Abbas, but the power who backs up the public display of solidarity.

All of Europe bows down to the only absolute Monarch over 27 democratic Member states, controlled via the EU Kommission. As 8. King of the VaticanCity, he currently holds all executive, legislative and judicial power over 1,3 billion Catholics, who all believe in the resurrected „Jesus King of the Jews“. As long as you accept the Pope, the Pope accepts you. As a democratic elected leader of a country with a high density of Roman-Catholic population, you have to bow down.. just ask Mr. Short here from Austria.

Papst Franziskus begrüßt Sebastian Kurz, österreichischer Bundeskanzler, am 5. März 2018 im Vatikan.

When you are an enemy of Israel, the best and most secure way to get recognition is to accept the Pope. Btw.. the guy ALLWAYS smiling in the back, next to the Pope is German Georg Gänswein, the Private Secretary of the Real Pope – German Josef Ratzinger. Since 13.3.13 Mario is the 8. King as a replacement of Josef, the 7th King of Vatikan. While Josef is the REAL Pope, responsible for doctrine, Mario is REAL King and has absolute power, given to him for the moment he finished his job as Pontifex Maximus – highest bridge builder between all nations of the world, brought every enemy of Israel under his wings and then is exchanged with the REAL King of the Jews.

While the world hates Trump like no other president before him, the Trump administration did more in 2 years for Israel, the Jewish people and Jerusalem, then any other president in the history of the USA, founded 1776. Under the instruction of the most learned and studied Jewish Rabbis, Donald Trump looks into the Hebrew Scriptures for his support for Israel and Jerusalem.

From the first visit to Jerusalem 23.5.2017, to the declaration of Jerusalem as Capital 6.12.2017, to the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem 14.5.2018 up to the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during Purim 21.3.2019 – Every Event was predetermined by Torah observant Jews, who work relentlessly for the full redemption of all Israel – not only the Jewish people, but also for the lost sheep from the House of Israel from the physical linage of Josef.

After the annexation of the Golan in the White House on 26.3.2019, the Pope signs a Jerusalem declaration in Marokko 30.3.2019, the new US Social envoy on combating Antisemitism Elan Carr is sworn into office 12.4.2019 – for the first time in the history an official is sworn in with a hand on the Hebrew Bible.

On 15.4.2019 for the first time in modern day history the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem slaughtered a Passover Lamb in preparation for the 3rd. Temple Service, the world didn’t see, because they took a look at this.

Since the collapse of the twin tower on 9/11 2001, who sparked off the world-wide conspiracy discussion and truther movement, no other building complex received more global attention than Notre Dame or in German – Unsere Liebe Frau – Short: ULF. 15.4.2018 was the 70. anniversary of REDEMPTORIS NOSTRI CRUCIATUS about the „Holy Places in Palestine“ and the passion of Jesus Christ who died there. 70 years = 25567 – 25.5.67 is the birthdate of ULF, since 25.5.15 Shavuot/Pentecost officially „Ephraim, Priest of the order of Melchizedek“

Already since the beginning of 2018 a full presentation and disclosure of Daniel 10 – 12 is public available and was sent to Paris to David De Rothschild, the Vize Chairman of the Word Jewish Congress, including the proof of my „Key of David“ mentioned in Isaiah 22.22 and Revelation 3.7 on 10.9.2018 and stopped by on 11.11.18 to blow the 6. Trumpet of Revelation.


Every Orthodox Jew will recognize the individual, mentioned in Daniel 4 who was cut-off from the „center of the earth“ for 7 years as „the least of all people“, the firstborn from the dead and faithful witness in Jerusalem, who left with 40 (Acts 1) and then starts to follow up on his enemies.

For Passah 5778, I filed for prosecution of Dr. Jürgen Bühler on 29.3.2018 and several other well known members of the „Christian Zionist“ and „Jesus Fan Community“, including my wife and asked the US and Israel for help 12.4.2018.

One year to the day, Elan Carr swears on the Hebrew Bible and one day after ULF burns down, my personal enemy uploaded this well made Video on Passah – „Encounter Israel“, confessing that „Yeshua was the Passah lamb“ 16.4.2019

In the year 33 the Jew from Nazareth was the Passah lamb as the first sacrifice for a proper Yom Kippur for the rededication of the Temple in need of a scapegoat, who carries the sins of the people into the desert. A true Yom Kippur according to 3. Mose 25 didn’t happen since at least the destruction of the Temple 70 CE, 37 years after the execution of „the King of the Jews“.

Passah is in direct connection with the teaching of the Torah to the son.

  • 8 On that day tell your son, ‘I do this because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.’ 9 This observance will be for you like a sign on your hand and a reminder on your forehead that this law of the Lord is to be on your lips. For the Lord brought you out of Egypt with his mighty hand.  Exodus 13

On the 70, anniversary of Elb Day 25.4.2015 – the first day of „Ephraim’s Place“ Online in preparation of the 25.5.15 – the earthquake in Nepal killed over 8000 souls, starting a series of catastrophic natural events, including hurricane Harvey over Houston on my 21st wedding anniversary 24.8.2017, 3 days after the great eclipse from 21.8.2017, when at exactly 1.29.29 pm the center of the „Eye of God“, where the two heavenly witnesses overlap and cast a show on earth, the 5. Trumpet of Revelation was blown at the very moment, when the center of the shadow stood over my US Address and DJT looks up „for your salvation is near“.






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