April 22, 2024
  • April 22, 2024
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#MSC2019 – The Voice of Europe

By Ulf on Februar 16, 2019
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In 2017 the European World was shocked when Donald Trump became President of the United States, the true victor of both World Wars and undisputed superpower after the end of the Cold War.

When Wolfgang Ischinger held his opening remarks at the Munich Security Conference on 15.2.2019, a day earlier US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech at the Middle East-Conference in Warshaw, painting a future-peace between Christians, Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem, based on the faith of man called Abraham, who became the forefather of many nations and people.

The fate of Jews and Christians is centered around Europe, where two predominant ideologies formed the continent – Catholism and Socialism.

Founded 1848 in Great Britain, the Economist is an institution on world affairs for over 1,3 million subscribers, who know that the current discussion about the wall, NATO-spending and the rising multilateralism is a huge smokescreen to prepare for the „perfect storm“.

Donald Trump became President for one reason only – the bring down Babylon, to end socialism once and for all and bring forth the Star of Jakob. 2017 Jerusalem celebrated the Jubilee year 5777, completely neglected by the German Catholic and Evangelical Church due to their involvement with Barak Obama and the radical left.

While the world sees Brexit, the ONE star, leaving the EU, it is not the Nation of Great Britain, it is ONE Person – Me 🙂 the only man alive, who can tell you why everybody is doing, what he is currently doing, whatever that is.

For quite some time, I try to tell my German people, that you all serve the man in the white dress – On 11.2.2019 the Pontifex Maximus celebrated 90 years Kingdom of Vatican, the only monarchy over all 27 European christian member states. And you all serve him, because he is the representative of Christ until he comes to deliver everybody from the 2000 year old beast.

The authority of the Bishop of Rome runs straight via Kardinal Reinhard Marx into Munich. The German Pope is inscribed on a stela on the Marienplatz, signifying, that the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations is still active today – open for the faithfull, complete hidden to those who do not believe in a creator at all.

Since we made the Final Judgement of the Apokalypse, the structure of the church and how the world is run is fully open. Of cause England has a huge interest in Europe and Germany, but they also have some longstanding relationships with the USA, the Vatican and of cause with the bank.

The security of Europe, the safety of the World is connected with the well being of Jerusalem and Israel.

In the letter to the Hebrews (nearly all of us) it says right in the beginning:  „In the past God has spoken to the fathers through the prophets, but in these last days, he has spoken through his Son from Zion.“

The World becomes a very secure place, once the voices of confusion, political correctness and diplomatic non-speak stops, so Jews, Christians and Muslims alike can listen to the new voice of Europe.

All quarrels will stop, once you understand, that I am already the „new owner“ and that it is of vital importance to show you, Donald Trump, the Rabbis and everybody else, what the true will of our creator is.


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