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Who the Fred is Fuck Satan Christian?

By Ulf on Januar 12, 2019
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At least somebody made a stand: Christian Bale gave credit to Satan at the Golden Globe Award; the Church of Satan officially thanked him for his confession.

While the US-conspiracy, the christian-prophecy and the end-time channels go nuts over this statement, I found it quite hilarious, for he needed the inspiration to play Dick Cheney.

The last time I saw Christian Bale in the theater, was on 1.1.2015, when I watched „Exodus – God’s and Kings“, when Christian played Moses.

Even before he played American Psycho, he played Jesus Christ 1999, the year Keanu Reeves played the ONE in the Matrix, but also the Son of the Devil in Devil’s advocate.

In my article yesterday Ariel, oh Ariel a video message to Michael Jay Solomon from 5.8.2016 explains the connection to the political agenda of Hollywood and Jerusalem.

In clear terms Michael told me, that he has his own agenda, while I told him of cause in very nice terms, that I give a fuck about it, because I do only care about Jerusalem. I left Jerusalem to the US and was left dead in Berlin, after some really bad Sh*t and nobody of my US partners were responsible for it. I wanted to get my act back together 2015 and as it turned out, there were colliding interests, let’s say this very carefully.

It happens to be, that the adopted son of Michael, Christian Halsey Solomon is the producer of American Psycho. I last met him during the Berlinale 2012, short before I took off to Brazil. Since 2009 and his Filmdomain Project, I could follow up on his „development“.

Here is the presentation slide, I sent to Michael already 29.2.2018, after I met him in Berlin 20.2.2018. Already on 8.8.2016, when I sent Christian and Michael the video message, it was clear, that I am powerless here in Germany, as long as the Democrats with the help of the Hollywood and Media Industry refuse to talk political issues in connection with Israel, the Jews and Christians on the basis of the Bible.

Like the Son of God, Satan is a spiritual description of a Man, towards his brother.  Jesus died with 33 on Passah, I was born on Passah and with 33 (25.5.2000) in Jerusalem.

In the year 2000, the Digital Millennium Acts passed, protecting the intellectual property rights in the digital world.

For years I stopped all business activities, to bring about a peace in Zion, based on the Bible.

Form 1.1.2015 when I saw Exodus – 22.12.2018 the day Donald Trump declared the Shutdown of the US Government, I did my best to protect everybody’s interest, although nobody knew for himself, what that is.

Christian Halsey is the son of Luciana, who is best known for here role as Fiona Volpe from Thunderball.

The world sees motion pictures of imagined characters, or of know characters, who are portrait with a certain intend. The Word of God is too sacred to be used to make a picture out of it and if a story is not „produced“ and „owned“, you cannot make any money out of it.

Here is something for real, what happened during the last voting process of the Pope.

Luke 10.18 „I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.“


All things have been committed to me by my Father. „No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. “ ( Lu 10.22)

The 7. Trumpet will sound on 21.1.19 during Blood Moon-Sighting.

For the germans I am definitely Satan and Christian Bale, will make a good convert. Justin Timberlake too.

Watch the video below this picture, where I blow the 6. Trumpet in Paris 11.11.18 – to the end…

The release day btw was 18.1.18 – Day 1333 of Daniel 12.12 , when on 20.1.2018 DJT had his ONE year of Presidency.
For all good things… you need TWO witnesses. On 20.1.19 is that the MOON.

Last thing… … The biggest fight is in your HEAD

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