Dezember 5, 2023
  • Dezember 5, 2023
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Fake News on Religious Freedom in the Jewish State of Israel

By Ulf on August 9, 2018
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While Germany was hit with several biblical plagues on 8.8.18, described in Psalm 105, Jerusalem was under fire during the night with 150 rockets launched into Israel by Hamas, while Machmoud Abba’s Fatah follows in the footstep of Arafat.

Papst und Arafat

When the Zionist Enterprise conquered Jerusalem in the 6-Day war 1967, 1897 years have passed since Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and took over the spiritual and legal development of the known world. After the Holocaust, the Jewish people were a small remnant of an ancient people, hated and accused for killing „God Jesus“.

As we speak, we have two Kings of VaticanCity. The 7th, Josef Ratzinger from Germany is celebrated as a great theologian and in the meantime, it should be clear to ALL, that THIS MAN is Evil incarnated.

King Josef Ratzinger

The unbelievable popularity of the Pope has a source. Axel Springer SE and the boulevard daily BILD.


The Bible is very clear about the deception of the very last days, before the return of the King of King. An no… it is not Donald…


It is Ulf Diebel from Düsseldorf, who sent a request to solve the Jerusalem question already on 23.5.2017, before Doanld Trump visited the Pope and one year before the opening of the US Embassy.

German-Israeli Re-Set


Latest today, every letter I sent should have reached its Destination and to be honest.. I have no idea, what will happen next, for I asked for the unimaginable, but logical.

It is the freedom of religion for the Pope to believe in the Son of God and it is the freedom of religion of Ulf Diebel *25.5.67 to verify to be the Son of God, the Pope, President Trump and the Jewish people are waiting for.

Schlüssel David

Since I left Israel with 40 and came to Germany on 1.1.2008, I am subject to the most severe religious persecution for my love for Jerusalem, the Jewish People and the Torah of Moses and when I received the call from Dr. Jürgen Bühler on 1.1.2015, I saw myself in a seemingly impossible situation.

Now, only One person alive can explain why the world goes nuts in religious conflict…

The firstborn from the dead and the true and faithful witness, represented in the MOON as a heavenly witness.

Zeichen und Wunder

In case you are in Germany…

On 10.8.2018 Dr. Jürgen Bühler is again in Stuttgart and speaks on behalf of… ???? Israel? Germany? A Cult?

Präsident Reuven Rivlin

While Germany has a complete media black-out with stories about Israel and Jerusalem, the USA receives their information via the Word from Jerusalem, handled by a German Pentecostal from Heidenheim, who says he represents up to 750 million „Evangelicals“.

For a secular politician it is impossible to tell the difference between the various Christian religious Groups, for every single Christian stream believes in a Jesus defined by the Pope, Jews do not believe in Jesus at all and Muslims do not even know the Bible, our whole culture is based on.

Christian Zionism is the New Testament pendant of Old Testament Jewish Zionism and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in Jerusalem.

Theodor Herzl and Heiko Maas

For 1260 days I said everything I know and asked for somebody to react and this is the only thing left…

Remember the firstborn from the dead and pick him up…

Ronald Lauder und Theodor Ulf Herzl

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